What Self-Judgements Are

It’s one thing to say the grass isn’t greener on the other side, but when conditioned self-judgements cause you to pursue a career that you hate, or a relationship that isn’t what you really want – likely leading you to compensate with food, drugs or other indulgences which result in a body you don’t feel comfortable in – and then you release that self-judgement-based lifestyle, the grass of your genuine choices may well be greener.

In fact, the former state of affairs, self-judgement denying Choice, isn’t green at all. It’s the stale, dusty brown of dead grass. Releasing self-judgements offers a return to the You that you recognise.

‘Broad’ and ‘Narrow’ Definitions of Self-Judgement

The Kissing Consciousness definition of what a self-judgement is doesn’t just include the obvious, semi-conscious self-judging conversations which may be going on in someone’s head and ‘self-talk’, but also the Unconscious blocks we have to our true selves and their full, natural, unfettered expression. In a wider sense, these are better thought of as self-constrictions. This is the Shadow, or our ‘Shadow Baggage’, that inhibits our full personality and character.

Self-judgements are either semi-conscious or Unconscious. Self-judgements are never fully Conscious, because if we were fully Conscious of what was motivating our thoughts and actions, they would be a Choice, and so couldn’t be a self-judgement.

Sometimes our only Awareness or clue that we have a self-judgement influencing us is a sense of its consequences or the false limitations we feel are imposed upon us, and the Unhappiness we feel as a result.

Self-Judgements Are Misnomers

Although we call them self-judgements, technically, the one thing they are NOT is self-, or ours. Self-judgements are actually other people’s judgements which are imposed upon us. There would never, ever be any reason for a person to go out of their way to judge themselves.

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