What You Can and Can’t Let Go Of

You can let go of anything that is a lie, that isn’t true. All self-judgements are lies, and so they can all be let go of.

What you can let go of is:

  • Anything that’s a lie
  • This includes a lie that relates to a truth

This therefore includes anything that isn’t actually your real Choice, or makes you feel heavy or not quite right.

What you can’t let go of is:

  • A truth
  • This includes an authentic feeling or emotion

As noted above, though, you can let go of a lie that relates to a truth. This means you can let go of your attachment to a true emotion, or your resistance to one, and thus change the way you experience the emotion.

You can’t let go of love, because it’s not a lie; you can only let go of attachment to love or resistance to it, which is Fear Consciousness, or the illusion of love.

You can also let go of a False Emotion that only exists because you’re ‘in your head’. When you become Conscious to a self-judgement, the False Emotion that it was generating immediately drops and falls away. Some emotion may remain, but without the Neediness and avoidance quality it had before it’s completely different.

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