The Desire Feedback Principle

The reason you have supposedly negative thoughts come into your head? You’re ambitious. And I mean that in a good way.

You wish to respect your True Self, or at the very least a Subconscious part of you does.

You desire things, and essentially you’ve asked yourself for things (whether Consciously or Unconsciously). You’ve asked for things to be a certain way. Maybe you’ve asked for You to be a certain way. Okay, fine. So far, so good.

In order to help you deliver on that desire, your Inner Guide, your Subconscious Mind, needs to make you aware that you have conditioned self-judgements running around your Unconscious Mind which are blocking you from Receiving You, so that you can release them – because you can’t Receive what you have a self-judgement and Non-Permission around.

The releasing is necessary to allow the ‘No’ Permission to become a ‘Yes’ Permission, and your Subconscious knows this. The only problem is that you, or certainly often, people, judge these thoughts as they arise as ‘negative’.

If you allow them to arise without judging them, you can then see that they are also, simultaneously, an invitation for you to let them go.

As I’m typing this I just asked my body if it would like to confirm this on behalf of my Subconscious Mind, and it just gave me a “Yep” back, by sending a subtle pulse of energy through my body.

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