With regard to boundaries, I said that as a default, the giver would state that touch will not be on or around the genitals, bottom, or, in the case of women, the breasts. That said, such areas of the body often get neglected exactly because they are erogenous and subject to sexual stimulation.

However, genitals etc., are not just sexual organs instead of being regular parts of the body, but as well as, and we must remember to honour them as such. Otherwise, those parts of the body kind of get the unhealthy energy of being the ‘kid who gets left behind at the school gates’, neglected and forgotten about, when all the other kids have been picked up.

Emotion of trauma is stored in the body, in the nervous system, and this is often even more so the case for such areas of the body. (Think about the extreme effect of society’s judgements around sex, and cultural expectations of the body around sex, not to mention the extent of abuse of it). In that sense, silly as it may sound, these parts of the body can be said to have feelings, even a personality, and they certainly have sensitivity to the way they are treated and respected, or not.

There is currently some fantastic and invaluable work being done by many women’s groups providing ‘Yoni healing’, (Yoni being a Sanskrit word for the female genitalia, also literally translated to mean the womb), to heal the trauma that may be stored there.

“Yoni is the Sanskrit word for female genitalia. The word Yoni translated means “Sacred Space.”  This is a term used to bring more honor and reverence to a woman’s womb and genitalia.” – Anna-Thea

For men, too, healing the Lingam (Sanskrit for the penis, or male genitalia) is equally potentially relevant. There is also a suggestion that even Unconscious beliefs around homosexuality may cause many men, gay or straight, to shut down their Awareness of, and sensitivity to, their bottom as a part of the body, potentially leading to ‘dis-ease’.

All parts of the body need to be listened to, not ignored. Ignored body messages become symptoms. At a basic level, every part of the body has its own function, as well as being part of the whole of the body, so it’s incredibly important not to dishonour parts of it for mental or cultural (self-judgement) reasons.

There is no place for coyness around such issues when health, happiness and even life are at stake. Society desperately needs to be aware of this phenomenon.

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