Personality and Character Reclaims

Our accumulated self-judgements may have caused us to deny our interests in anything and everything from arts like dancing, singing, acting and playing musical instruments to passions for adventurous activities, travel, cookery, sport or stamp collecting.

Maybe you were told that because you were academic you had no capacity for practical things, and you would secretly like to take apart the engine of a car and put it back together again.

Or perhaps you have an honoured practical side and a denied academic side!

Personality Reclaims

In telling jokes or anecdotes it’s not so much the content that makes something compelling or not – a ‘hit’ or a ‘miss’ – as whether we ‘own’ it. Two different people can tell the same joke, but if one does so almost apologetically because they aren’t allowed to be seen, or be in the spotlight, or be charming or compelling, it’s that ‘No’ Permission that’s going to make the difference. This example based on jokes is merely one of almost an infinite number of possible applications of this insight.

Charisma is a subject that people have a lot of Charge around. I agree that some false or manipulative versions of charisma can be repulsive. But any person’s Being, which emanates from Love Consciousness, is naturally charismatic. Nature has its own charm, and thus so does the human personality when it’s not separated from itself.

Anywhere self-judgement has denied you your pure charisma, or your natural capacity for making conversation, communicating, interacting, telling stories, anecdotes or jokes, and ‘owning’ all of that, would you like to let that go?

And would you like to ask your body if it would like to let that go?


Any characteristic, from shrewdness to thrift, wit, presence, calmness, independence, and millions more can be lost to self-judgement – and also then Reclaimed.

Perhaps you have self-judgements preventing you from acknowledging that you are good in a crisis? Or perhaps you always have to be the “strong” one and would like to feel free to fall apart once in a while!


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