Reclaiming You

“Everywhere you haven’t been allowed to love you is a lie.” – James Blacker

Our true personalities have been buried and denied to us by the conditioning of self-judgements, by the False Self. We may wish to reclaim both our true personalities and our true (non-negative) psychology, i.e. non-judgemental Consciousness to what arises.

We’ve learned about ‘The Binary’ of Love Consciousness and Fear Consciousness, and how to let go of self-judgements using The Kissing Consciousness Tool and other processes.

Now we can start to use The Tool to ‘Reclaim’ our true personality back from underneath those self-judgements, a process which is also called ‘Shadow Work’ and is like unwrapping your Shadow ‘presents’. Kissing Consciousness calls these ‘Reclaims’.

As emotional as it may be to release some self-judgements, we’re always gaining a part of us back, and if that doesn’t get you hugely excited you probably haven’t understood it.

Both in quality and quantity, these Reclaims may gift you many hundreds or thousands of times more joy and happiness than those presents you get at Christmas or on other occasions.

Intuitively, but Unconsciously, these Reclaims are what many of us vainly hope to find in our birthday gifts, even though we know deep down that this is not how they can arrive … because such things cannot be given to us by other people.

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