Happiness and Your Inner World

The three main areas we think of in terms of happiness and quality of life tend to be relationships, money and our physical health/body. However, there’s a fourth and more direct area which encompasses all of these: Our inner world, the broader picture of our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Happiness, as we’ve already seen, is primarily about the state of self-acceptance (or the absence of self-judgement) that we’re calling Love Consciousness, which also has as its consequence the qualities of Confidence, Success, Being, Receiving and many more.

Whether or not we do something amazingly grand is not what makes us happy. What makes us happy is whether we do what we want to do, rather than deny who we really are.

Where self-judgements become significantly numerous – where people aren’t allowed to ‘Receive’ themselves to significant degrees – we can develop such things as general unhappiness, anxiety and depression.

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