15. Relationship Wisdom

Screens of Module Fifteen Pages.

Page Screens of Module Fifteen.

The syllabus for Module Fifteen covers Relationship Wisdom, and with our understanding of communication and Karma and Intent from the previous two Modules, we have the basis for addressing what we might think of as ‘Marriages made in Heaven’.  Whether those be literal, conventional marriages, or simply great natural and uncontrived or unmanufactured connections, we have built our understanding of Ego-aware communication and interaction from previous Modules so that we have a basis here for insight as to what relationships, or a ‘match made in Heaven’ may actually be. 

And because the same principles apply to all kinds of relationships, including social and business as well as personal, we can see how all of our relationships of all kinds can be fruitful and fulfilling with the same quality of harmony and success.

“If we are wise, i.e. if we have evolved to a certain level of Wisdom, and seek to make the most of who we are, every interaction with others is one in which we can experience a fulfilling expression of our own, and shared, or ‘inter-subjective’ inner or Divine Truth, by attaining a level of Self-sense, awareness, or orientation of care in which we hold both parties Truth and wellbeing at heart because our sense of Self is now expanding beyond just our limited, individualistic Personhood. We begin to see the pleasure in seeing others happy as well as ourselves. And so when one has developed to this level of awareness, this returns to us a most captivating, fulfilling and rewarding experience of Life. We seek not to gain for the sake of our sense of gain, but to express, give, receive and share for the sake of expressing, and making room for the expression of Divine Truth – that which comes to us and through us without needing to be contrived. This is relationship beyond Ego or False Self.” – James Blacker, taken from Wisdom The Course

We shall look at relationship as a gestalt, a combination of two or more people’s truths.  In any moment of relationship, two people’s expressions are put together and the outcome or combination is that moment of relationship.  That is the outcome.  Many moments of relationship make up the overall general story of the relationship.  Therefore, the make-up of the individual parts – the accurate expression and communication of each person’s individual truths – is equally as important as their combination; the ‘inter-subjective’ truth of the relationship.  To approach and apply this effectively, we shall use the twin principles of Sincerity and Justness as the main framework of our guide to successful relationship.  In the first instance, we shall look at Sincerity as the authentic and true expression of the individual parts.  Thereafter, we shall consider Justness as the integrated combination of those truths.

These two together are also covered from a different perspective in what we call The Integrity Challenge.

In Relationship Wisdom we shall also cover an array of additional, complementary concepts to enhance what we know, such as The Mastery of Love, understanding intentions and purpose, and the potential pitfalls and consequences of unwritten – or rather unspoken – expectations, values and intentions.

One such further subject that is addressed is that of the difference between ‘Social Fit and Natural Fit’.  Each individual has the freedom and the right to chose whether the way things ‘should’ be works for them, or not.  Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t.  Either way, a ‘square peg in a round hole’ won’t work, and so understanding this distinction, and recognising that it is indeed a choice we can make consciously, is a powerful notion, to chose a way that is right for you.

As we progress through the Module, we’ll also look at inspiring ways to think about relationships, using many of the tools that we have learned and applied throughout the whole of the Course to see how they can be used to enhance, deepen and enrich our relationships still further.

Finally, we look at a very important and useful commodity in fulfilling true love, or even the true expression of one’s deepest gifts commercially and vocationally and even socially, namely courage.

“Fondness and growing appreciation can be loving, but attachment is always Fear. The feel of it will always tell you which is which.

All of this Wisdom sets us up for knowing how to approach relationships from a strong and healthy perspective. The remainder of the Module can now be used to look at how we can make our relationships even stronger, deeper, more meaningful and more enjoyable – if we want to.” – James Blacker, taken from Wisdom The Course

The Main Subject Headings of Module Fifteen…

The following are the main subject headings of Module Fifteen: Relationship Wisdom.

  • A Fulfilling Expression of The Divine
  • Wisdom Insight 1: Intent and Purpose
  • Wisdom Insight 2: The Mastery of Love
  • Wisdom Insight 3: An Expression of Your Own Truth
  • Wisdom Insight 4: Social Fit and Natural Fit
  • Sincerity and Justness: The Twins of Relationship Wisdom
  • Sincerity
  • Justness
  • The Integrity Challenge
  • Desire and Grace: Mastery of Ego and Shadow
  • True Love Stories Never End
  • More Truth and More Meaning
  • Using What We Have Learned to Enhance and Support Relationships
  • Courage
  • Written and Observational Exercises
  • Test Yourself Questions

Smaller, subject sub-headings in this Module include; The Marrying of Energies and True Love, A marriage made in Heaven, Divine interaction of all kinds, Value Judgements, Freedom To Give, Independent Force, Co-operation and Empathy, Assessing the Behaviour rather than generalising the Person, Love beyond Ego and The Courage for Self-Honesty.

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