7. Psychology: The Power of Love Consciousness

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Most people, and society itself, generally seem to accept that positive thinking is the key to success, and that negative thinking is generally what keeps people down, yet this is neither approached with any great clear conviction of focus and understanding, nor given the supreme importance that its phenomenon warrants.  Beliefs, and psychology as their collective, are the first starting point for success in any field.

Continuing on the theme of mastering the ‘Inner World’, this classical Module is all about defining the various areas of beliefs that we can have about ourselves, about the world, about other people, about our bodies, and so on, and making sure that they are in alignment with what is natural and positive, real and true.

There will also be an exploration into how to change a belief, or what actually makes a belief change, identifying awareness as the tool that guides better, stronger and healthier psychology.  There is also a lot of detailed coverage of various important concepts and insight that goes with all of this.

We’ll also be looking at a very important distinction between the two different phenomena of psychology and personality.  This is very important for people not to see their psychology as their personality, but perhaps as the brightness switch for that personality, so as to realise that we are not fundamentally changing who we are by working on our beliefs, but illuminating who we are to the very fullest – we are fully allowing our light to shine.

“To pre-empt a potential obstacle some may have for mastering the ins and outs of the power of belief, however, there is one important observation to make about working on or ‘polishing up’ one’s Psychology, as some people’s efforts at positive thinking can be crippled by the feeling that they are ‘no longer themselves’ if they change some of their beliefs. But nothing could be further from the truth…” – James Blacker, taken from Wisdom The Course

The Module on psychology also points out that positive beliefs are natural beliefs, as nothing needs to be forced or manufactured in order to be true or positive.

Understanding this really allows for a quantum leap in the effort to imbue ourselves with only positive beliefs and thinking, as the task before us changes from one of trying as hard as we can to manufacture a whole spectrum of positivity, to simply allowing the truth of each belief to fall into place as and when we are ready for it to do so (in accordance with the work we have already done to tame The Ego).  We are no longer constructing something big and complex that actually we don’t quite understand anyway, but simply allowing those things which are real and true to be acknowledged in our awareness, and the rest discarded.  But it does still require us to have some clear and accurate understanding of the nature of things – which will be covered.

This is why the work that we do in defining wisdom during the early Modules of the Course also plays an important role in this work, too, as it allows us to know where a lot of the negative and self-doubting beliefs come from, particularly as we can begin to understand those beliefs that relate to The Ego, and also to the False Self with regard to The Shadow, and a few other things besides.  Better decision-making is the first outcome of a more positive psychology.

“Negative thoughts NEVER enter our head as negative thoughts but as information. It is only when we interpret that information through the lens of our own Belief Systems that we ourselves create either negative or positive thoughts by our interpretation of them.

Positive thinking is essentially the absence of negative thinking. When there is no negative thinking, when there is no Fear, what the Life Force within us wishes to bring about comes to pass effortlessly and harmoniously. The way we interact with others and objects may also come to pass much more harmoniously (subject to the others also).

Happiness is a natural state. We don’t need a reason to be happy. We can be happy without any reason why. But you need a reason to be unhappy! Try it for yourself. Prove it to yourself each time you are unhappy – what is the reason? There will be a reason.” – James Blacker, taken from Wisdom The Course

The Main Subject Headings of Module Seven…

The following are the main subject headings of Module Seven: Psychology: The Power of Love Consciousness.

  • Love and The Power of Belief: The Currency of Success
  • The Belief System: Your ‘Love System’
  • The Basics of Belief Work
  • A Passionate Commitment to Knowing and Being in Alignment with Truth
  • Beliefs and Decision-Making: The Currency of Success in Life
  • The Various Areas of Beliefs
  • Written and Observational Exercises
  • Test Yourself Questions

Smaller, subject sub-headings in this Module include; The Difference Between Psychology and Personality, Unleashing a Naturally Positive Psychology, Positive Thinking is Not Forced Thinking, Pessimism as Distinct from Realism, Stalking our Beliefs, Prioritising Shifts and ‘Psychological Gravity’.

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