17. Purpose, Contribution, Prosperity and Fulfillment

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With almost all of our studies done, we can now get into the nuts and bolts of how to apply oneself to maximum effect in one’s life and work in a way that applies wisdom to achieve prosperity and fulfillment.  This is an area that many struggle with, thinking that money isn’t spiritual, or avoiding the economic reality altogether.  Again, though, we’re simply applying simple wisdom principles; being true to self, understanding and removing the negative impact of the self-seeking and attaching Ego and other artificial blocks, integrating with others with integrity and communicating oneself accurately, finding and making the most of one’s natural, innate talents, expanding and embracing one’s human potential, maximising prosperity through unity and co-operation, and listening to one’s voice from within for guidance, compelling purpose and clarity of action.  All this results in deep fulfillment and the most effective person we can be.

The first task is finding what we are good at, and what we are here to do… what is our deep, compelling purpose – or rather what are they, if more than one.  The first few sections include ‘Living Your Purpose’, and ‘Finding Your Right Work’, and these will to lead you to conclusions about what is right for you, and thus what you can be amazing at.

Then we look at what the blocks are to all of that.  This Course is primarily based on an understanding of overcoming and managing the twin elements of Ego and Shadow, and these account for most of our blocks in various ways.  We need to eliminate these influences where they are negative in order to live with the purpose and effectiveness we have described above.  Again, many of the conventional principles of business, contribution, and work still remain.

“We have here a rather pleasant and seemingly straight-forward picture of the expression or Contribution of what any individual has to offer, which can lead to a prosperous and happy life. And we receive to the extent that we contribute, and then also allow ourselves to receive accordingly. So what gets in the way of the expression of all these wonderful things, in any case?

The build up of negativity or negative conditioning during life creates a subdued sense of both possibility and the Grace to receive. We may also, Egoically, over-emphasise the importance to our sense of Self-Worth of achieving certain things, and so this fear-generated attachment to them gets in the way of the appropriate processes which can bring about their achievement.

As we have seen, the creation of Shadow elements can create the doubt that we can, and even the doubt that we are allowed to. And so it is in recognising these conditioned blocks, usually when we feel uncomfortable or uninspired about what we are otherwise doing, that we are able to go beyond our false conditioning and honour all of who we are…” – James Blacker, taken from Wisdom The Course

This Module also addresses fulfillment, and so we shall look at a wider definition of contribution that expands into all areas of life in addition to the commercial-vocational.  Including these other areas ensures that our professional contribution is integrated into and within our lives as a whole.  If it’s not, we cannot be at our most effective in any areas of life.

When we understand that unhappiness comes from sitting on the gifts that we have, and that contribution – in any area of life – is simply the expression and allowing forth of these gifts, we begin to see contribution in a new light, as something that effectively allows us to breathe, spiritually and emotionally speaking.  And when we have this understanding and application of this habit as a way of living, the outcomes that we require will come much more easily as a natural consequence of that self-expression-based contribution.

This is a Module on Prosperity that is informed by a wider perspective.

“People think that having vision is a difficult or rare thing to acquire, or even that you have to be born with it and cannot acquire it at all. But really all it is about is compassion; the more you care about, the more you consider or take into account in your Worldview.

And so this includes having compassion, which is care for both self and others, that things that are inefficient or detrimental are not engaged in. This leads us to seek out ways to achieve the most benefit with the least resource use. Here, the notion that we must work hard until we suffer in order to justify financial benefits must be healed, and then denounced…

Being ‘Visionary’ is simply the perspective of the extent and depth of one’s compassion, which in turn is determined by one’s sense of self, infused with the necessary further ingredient of the belief that we can actually influence the course of our lives. The more one identifies with ‘the all’, or the ‘Uni-verse’, the ‘turned towards The One’, the more one is likely to hold in mind – and also in heart – a vision or perspective that encompasses ‘the all’; everyone and everything. Wider compassion, bejewelled with the empowerment belief that things can be influenced for the better, fuels the will to see the ways in which people can live more effectively and benefit exponentially from the total of resources that are available to us.” – James Blacker, taken from Wisdom The Course

The Main Subject Headings of Module Seventeen…

The following are the main subject headings of Module Seventeen: Purpose, Contribution, Prosperity and Fulfillment.

  • A Simple Strategy
  • The Jigsaw
  • Living Your Purpose
  • Finding Your Right Work
  • Contribution: The Giving of Oneself
  • Removing The Blocks
  • In Summary: Contribution as Full Self-Expression
  • Prosperity
  • Enough: Fulfillment and Financial Independence
  • Money
  • Increased Contribution, Compound Benefit and Compound Income
  • Ongoing Self-Actualization and The Evolution of Consciousness
  • Written and Observational Exercises
  • Test Yourself Questions

Smaller, subject sub-headings in this Module include; ‘World Class at… [something]’, Flexibility of Purpose, Multiple avenues of Contribution, Productivity over Activity, Readiness for Lag Time, Consumption and (personal) Energy Efficiency: spending as expending, Frugality and Common Sense, Money as Energy and Relationship, ‘Money, therefore, as a by-product of Contribution’, Having Vision and seeing ‘The Bigger Picture’, Everyone can be a Visionary, and Vocational Skills.

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