9. Emotional Mastery: Wisdom Opens The Door

Screens of Module Nine Pages.

Page Screens of Module Nine.

The ninth is another classical subject Module of Wisdom, this time on emotions.

At the centre of everything in our lives is the emotional context that goes with everything we do – or don’t do.  Our ability to tame and control our emotions is therefore pivotal to achieving and fulfillment, and this Module addresses that with a whole overview approach, to make sure that we understand a) that we can control and indeed are the maker of all of our own emotions, and b) that we realise that every perceived negative emotion is actually a diamond in the rough – it contains a positive gift for us – always.

“No bigger fallacy exists than the notion that we have no control over our emotions.  In fact, we are all the makers of all of our emotions.  Whether we do that consciously, or not, is a different matter.

When we are conscious, and to the extent to which we are conscious, we do indeed consciously choose all of our emotions.  When we aren’t conscious, even to any degree, we are still the ones who choose all of our own emotions – we just aren’t aware of how we do it – or, indeed, that we do do it at all.” – James Blacker, taken from Wisdom The Course

In order for a person to have this ability or skills for facing emotions, there also needs to be the basis of inner strength from which to approach the activity of looking at uncomfortable emotions – and this is why the first few earlier Modules of Wisdom The Course are placed before this Module on emotions, because they lay the foundations for the wisdom and strength of self which is necessary and required to make sense of otherwise threatening emotions.

Without a foundation of personal inner strength that we are certain we can trust, we are never going to look at or engage with any difficult emotions because they will always be too threatening to our sense of self.  A sense of self based on shifting, ever-changing, finite ‘things’ is always going to be likely to be the basis of fear and inner turbulence and disharmony.  This is why we say with emotional mastery that ‘wisdom opens the door’.  The understanding of wisdom needs to come first before we approach the otherwise (previously) unfriendly emotions.

This is indeed an immense opportunity for personal gain, because the leverage of wisdom when applied to our emotions can turn every negative thing in our lives around.

Eventually, after practice and application, we can acquire the ability for the approach as is defined by spiritual teacher, Andrew Cohen, that we ‘Face everything and avoid nothing’.  This is the ultimate inherent position of strength from which one can truly live fully.

“So not only are our emotions forged in the fires of our belief systems, but if we choose to listen, i.e., if we have actually been taught to listen for them, they also effectively tell us what our beliefs about a certain thing are.

If we take a rough estimate that 50% of our emotions are welcome, and the other 50% are those which we reject and consider to be negative, that means that half of all our emotions are gifts which are telling us where we have beliefs which neither serve us, nor truly represent who we are.  That’s an awful lot of potential positive change if we choose to listen!

So the first beliefs to work on are our beliefs about emotions themselves, and how we interact with them…” – James Blacker, taken from Wisdom The Course

The Main Subject Headings of Module Nine…

The following are the main subject headings of Module Nine: Emotional Mastery: Wisdom Opens The Door.

  • An Immense Opportunity for Personal Gain
  • The Truth About Emotions
  • Emotional Mastery Starts with The Mastery of Love
  • Dealing with Emotions
  • Feelings: The Physical Expressions of Emotions
  • ‘Face everything, avoid nothing’
  • The Move to Emotional Mastery
  • Written and Observational Exercises
  • Test Yourself Questions

Smaller, subject sub-headings in this Module include; The Mechanics of an Emotion, The Gifts Inherent in All Emotions, Changing or ‘Shifting’ Beliefs, Physical Events also Influence Internal Emotions, Suppressing.

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Online Wisdom Course Module 9 Audio MP3: Emotions

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