5. True Education: The Eternal Truths

Screens of Module Five Pages.

Page Screens of Module Five.

What is any one human being capable of?  And are we engaging our own potential passionately, or sitting on the internal gifts that we have?  This Module explains two very important concepts to full self-expression, fulfillment and achievement; the essentially unlimited nature of our own human potential, and the life-giving value of re-kindling our real relationship to True Education.

True Education is a self-affirming gem to consider because it expands and perhaps even breaks down the psychological barriers to growth, becoming and discovery that may have been embedded and deep-seated by our conventional understanding of education as simply being about academic study, qualifications and school.  Indeed, many people do not even like to think about their school days, learning and such like, and this itself is testament to the falsely conditioned relationship to our own inner potential and naturally curious nature that our current culture has.  So if we are to embrace our potential then we need a better, truer, fuller and more user-friendly definition of ‘education’ – one that doesn’t turn most people off before they’ve begun…

In understanding the process of regaining right relationship to True Education we shall consider two concepts which we have already discussed in Wisdom The Course; Conditioning and ‘Freedom to Give’, to understand and explain why and how we may not have always kept our awareness of our potential, passion and power to the front of our minds.  Our right relationship to True Education was lost along the way.  But when we recognise this, we may chose to reverse the decision, and with this we can then fully embrace the vast, unlimited opportunity that lies inherent in The Eternal Truths…

“Since the dawn of recorded time, scholars and philosophers have proclaimed the Eternal Truth that The Universe is a place of infinite possibilities, and that Mankind, too, is infinitely equipped to achieve any true desire that comes to mind; ‘that which Man can conceive or believe, can be achieved’, the saying goes…

This is the first part of what I choose to call The Eternal Truths.  There are three parts in all, which are increasingly less widely acknowledged by people in turn.” – James Blacker, taken from Wisdom The Course

Wisdom The Course calls the unlimited nature of any one human being’s potential The Eternal Truths, and these will be explored, including a couple of minor, but important points which also need making in relation to this subject, as we define The Eternal Truths by a total of three tenets or principles.  These allow an understanding of The Eternal Truths to be applied with maximum effectiveness and without unwittingly falling into any conditional self-judgement or negativity.

“Far from simply being a process of filling the heads of children with a range of academic facts and skills that a governing body which has never met the child deems necessary, Education, when properly understood, is a divine and lifelong joy which touches all areas of Life and guides us to being all we wish to be.

The positive, and even liberating impact that such a change in mindset with regard to learning and growing can have in a person can literally be remarkable to witness, and immensely revitalising to experience. When combined with an understanding of The Eternal Truths, it provides the very foundation for the path which each of us wishes to lead to our true heart’s desires.” – James Blacker, taken from Wisdom The Course

The Main Subject Headings of Module Five…

The following are the main subject headings of Module Five: True Education: The Eternal Truths.

  • True Education
  • The World’s Relationship to Education
  • The Eternal Truths
  • Written and Observational Exercises
  • Test Yourself Questions

Smaller, subject sub-headings in this Module include; The Broader Definition of Education, The Cost of Stagnation, No ‘Freedom To Give’, True Education is for Life, Lighting Your Own Fire, and Personal Paths, Original Goals.

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