18. Sensory Acuity: Your Inner Compass

Screens of Module Eighteen Pages.

Page Screens of Module Eighteen.

Sensory Acuity is a rather wonderful name given to the degree to which an individual is in touch with those factors of their own self, and around them in their exterior world, to which they can respond appropriately, pursue their chosen outcomes, influence their experiences and design their life.  It is about how well attuned you are to yourself.

The process of information coming into you, being processed, and you responding to it, is one that is going on all the time, constanly acting to shape and define our lives, interacting with our thoughts, actions, behaviours, beliefs, determining the quality of our communications with others and with ourselves, and so on.

Therefore, the extent to which we can harness this activity, and get a hold of it – and then continually maximise it – is the maker of your relationship to your own ‘Inner Compass’ to life, health, happiness and true success.  This Inner Compass goes all the way back to the source of The Authentic Self’s Wisdom itself; your most awake and best you.

This is what this first Module of Part Three of The Course is all about, and the subsequent and final two Modules, on the mastery of Genius and Time respectively, also add to this.  Turner once wrote that you can go to the well of your life with a thimble, or with a bucket, and your mind will expand to engage towards your expectations, and this Module can begin that ascent of your most magnificent human potentials, if you choose it to.

“Everything that happens on the subjective interior of your experience – your consciousness, is mirrored on the objective exterior of your experience – your physical feelings and sensations. Therefore, you can literally think and feel your way through Life, to both Truth and Right Action.

Anything you think about the truth of any matter, situation, event, belief or emotional feeling can be informed by the resultant way in which it makes your body feel, and either the encouraging, or foreboding bodily sensations which accompany that feeling.” – James Blacker, taken from Wisdom The Course

Module Eighteen also includes an understanding of the body as a tuning fork, and how we can tune that tuning fork.  This also explains how we can – and do – use our Inner Compass as a ‘Giro’ system, quickly correcting us when we make a wrong turn, and finding that which is right for us by rejecting that which we don’t want.

The Module then continues to explain life as a constant and ongoing decision-making process, and explains the ‘volume’ of the warning signs and other inner signals that we are a party to.  This all helps to develop total self-trust and confidence.

“We have established our Body Wisdom philosophy as primarily the ‘art and science of listening to the body’.

The information which the body provides, however, goes way beyond simply informing us of our body’s own needs. As part of its connectedness to everything else, and to our own minds, both conscious and subconscious, the body is effectively a tuning fork which can inform us of almost anything we need to know.

We don’t necessarily need to intellectually understand something – we intellectually understand that if our body signals are telling us something, then there is probably a good reason why.” – James Blacker, taken from Wisdom The Course

Advice is also discussed, as The Course observes how virtually all advice has its opposites, and often it is not so much that a specific action is either good or bad, but whether the intent and context of that action makes it appropriate, or not – and this leads to the unavoidably necessary capacity for good judgement and authentic spontaneity and originality in decision-making, rather than relying on cliches and stubbornly fixed – and often totally inappropriate – mantras.

Finally, the Module discusses personal practice as informed by Sensory Acuity, so that we are aware of the option to choose a system of personal transformative practice that is flexible enough to work in tandem with our Inner Compass – integrated to its infallible directing voice.

So The Course sets us on the front foot forward, and this Module is about gaining some momentum and speed with that, and then having the ability and control to choose to accelerate that as and when we wish.  It is all done with an awareness of the parallel development of Wisdom, so that we are ‘free to, and free not to’, and this is a crucial counter-weight for personal balance as we pick up our full speed.

The Main Subject Headings of Module Eighteen…

The following are the main subject headings of Module Eighteen: Sensory Acuity: Your Inner Compass.

  • Guidance in Every Moment
  • Developing Sensory Acuity
  • Life is Decision-Making
  • Introduction to Personal Practice
  • Summary
  • Written and Observational Exercises
  • Test Yourself Questions

Smaller, subject sub-headings in this Module include; Your body is a tuning fork, Tuning the tuning fork, Rejecting what you don’t want, Warning sign volume, and All advice has its opposites.

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