‘The Touch of God’

Unconscious self-judgement comes across in our touch, our voice, etc. If we have self-judgement around what we are doing, that turbulent energy is going to travel from our Consciousness, down our arm, into our fingers, and the other person is going to feel it in our touch, possibly Consciously and definitely Subconsciously.

Given our understanding of The Paradox of Love Consciousness, the first thing we can do to Respond if this is the case is to allow it to be okay that it happens.

As we release our need to be a certain way, and as we release the self-judgements we hold which come across in our touch, our state of Surrender allows our natural self to come through, in turn allowing our natural touch to come through, resulting in a quality of touch that comes straight from the Divine, what we might call ‘The Touch of God’ or ‘The Touch of The Divine’.

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