Barriers: The Two-Sided Wall

A Barrier is a self-judgement which is not allowing you to Receive a connection with another person as much as you would like, or in a way that you would like.

Maybe you would like to tell someone you admire them, but you have been chastised for trying to connect with others in the past. So an Unconscious self-judgement exists that prevents connection – that is a Barrier to connection.

A Barrier’s original purpose was to keep us safe. As that need ceases to be relevant, however, if the Barrier remains it continues to prevent us from connecting with other people … and the same wall that keeps others outside also keeps us alone inside.

As you release any self-judgements you may have around connecting, you remove your Barriers to connection. We may have no Awareness at all that a lot of our Barriers exist. One way to find out might be to ask for ever-deeper levels of connection and freedom, and see what arises.

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