Clarifying ‘Grey’ Consciousness

aka: Facilitating/Purifying Grey Consciousness, Purifying Desire, The Mastery of Desire

Lots of ‘black and white’ Consciousness mixed up together can give ‘The Illusion of Grey Consciousness’. The process for dealing with that is kind of like the ‘zooming in’ function on Google maps: You start seeing one big shape – a lump of grey, we might say – but once you zoom in you can see all the detail of it in black and white.

We can use the process around any issue, but for now, let’s say you have one big mess of a bunch of feelings around a relationship issue. Until they are untangled they may seem to only present two extreme opposing options for how to approach the situation: Leave now or stay forever. Here’s an example of how one might ‘unpack’ and clarify the truth hidden in that:

A string of moments of Awareness may arise as follows, as a conversation with oneself: “What this person said makes me feel like I want to end the relationship with them. Yet I feel heavy about shutting them out completely. Is it true that I want to shut them out completely right now? No, that doesn’t feel true. Okay, but I feel like I don’t want to compromise and be with someone who doesn’t share my views. Does that feel true? Yes, that feels true. So how can that be? Okay, I see, it may be possible to talk to them about it, to see if they understand and might choose to align with that? Yes, that feels true. Okay, and if they don’t is it true for the moment that I don’t want to stay in that relationship? Yes. Okay, so if they don’t agree I will leave, decision made. Is that my truth? But I feel a little uncomfortable about that, so why is that? Okay, I see, it’s because I’m deciding in advance how I will feel and thus what I might decide, is that correct? Yes. Okay, so what if I agree with myself I won’t make any decisions in advance of the moment? Yes, that feels true. Okay, so I’m not going to leave right now, but I am going to speak to them about it, and if they don’t align with that then the way I feel right now I am currently inclined to leave, so I’ll bear that in mind as an Awareness, but I won’t make any decisions just yet, as further information may arise which may inform my choices in that moment, is that right? Yes. Right, okay great, so now I understand exactly how I wish to approach the situation, based on honouring all the things around it that are true for me.”

That is a person who is now fully equipped to honour themselves, without causing themselves any unnecessary pain, and a tremendous Confidence goes with that. Obviously, because it is self-confiding fully.

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