Dance and Exercise: Changing State vs Permanent Change

Dancing is a very popular activity in the Conscious community, and often praised as being therapeutic. So let’s consider the difference between therapeutic benefit and actually releasing a self-judgement.

Dancing (in itself) is a behavioural level act, not an Act of Consciousness. You can’t dance away a self-judgement. You can only choose away a self-judgement – however subtle that quality of ‘Choice’ may be as it occurs in your Conscious Awareness.

You may be able to temporarily dance away the effects of self-judgement. And actually, why not?! Dancing may also provide a context that feels safer, or more appropriate to lending itself to letting stuff go. It may also be a way your body uses to realign and express itself after you release a self-judgement, or as it releases.

But releasing a self-judgement – even if it happens during dancing – requires at least a hint of Conscious Choice.

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