The “Don’t Think!” Bind

When you’re ‘in your head’, and you don’t want to be, how do you think about not thinking? You have some self-judgement thought beating you up, so how do you think your way out of not thinking about that? That’s the “Don’t Think!” Bind.

You might try to think about not being in your head, but that cannot possibly work. You might try it the other way and try to ‘not try’ to think about the issue: “Ooh, look at me, I’m not even trying to not be in my head”, but that’s the same bind in different clothes: The ‘Futile Paradox Hack’.

“How can I decide not to decide? How can you focus on not thinking? You stop trying. You stop ‘not trying’ … trying to get it that way! You see, there is no way out of that bind.” – Alan Watts

But ultimately there is a way out of that bind: To stop fighting it and resign yourself to feeling the feeling that you’re currently avoiding feeling.

Acknowledging the futility of the bind itself is what’s useful. The only option left to you is Surrender. Surrender to The Elusive Emotion. Surrender to your True Self. You do this by becoming Conscious, by becoming aware of what you’re doing, and releasing your own resistance to the situation. And once you do that, things happen for themselves.

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