“Worry is impossible without self-judgement being present.” – James Blacker

Whereas guilt and shame can be either real or false, worry is always a False Self interpretation of your inner information because it has no upside, no positive benefits. It just drains our energy.

There are two causes of worry:

  1. A self-judgement that you’re not allowed to be something, so you worry that things may turn out that way.
  2. A self-judgement that is stopping you from doing something you know you wish to do about a situation. Maybe you are not acknowledging your genuine fight or flight messages, for yourself or someone else, or maybe there is an opportunity for positive gain that you are not taking.

Either way, your worry is an invitation to let something go. That’s its purpose, to get you back communicating with yourself Consciously.

You can’t force your behaviour, or even force your thinking to not worry, but by letting go of the self-judgements the worry removes itself because there is no longer anything generating it.

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