Self-esteem is how we feel about ourselves. Unsurprisingly, this is based on the sum of our self-acceptance and self-judgements, as clearly we’re going to feel good about ourselves where we’re allowing ourselves to be us and allowing our Choice, and won’t feel good about ourselves where we (think we) are not even allowed our own free will.

Self-esteem follows, responds to, is determined by our Permissions, so I wouldn’t worry about trying to achieve self-esteem directly, I would instead release the self-judgements that block your Choice, and let the self-esteem follow on from that and take care of itself as a consequence.

And here’s a sub-paradox, The Paradox of Self-Esteem: By letting go of the need to have it, we have it.

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Self-Esteem Lack of Self-Esteem

So self-esteem is, on the one hand, conditional upon our Permissions, yet if we choose to have no resistance to being in a state of lacking self-esteem, the very fear of not having it loses all power over us and ceases to have any relevance.

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