Trusting The Underlying You

“The countryside is empty and the hospitals are full. There’s a big clue in there!” – James Blacker

With such things as Success and Happiness, we’ve taken the approach that we simply require an absence of negatives, and that in those circumstances the positives take care of themselves. We trust the underlying truth. With health we take pretty much the same approach – that our inherent Life Force takes care of itself, congenital conditions aside, and we’re simply required to avoid negatives, or remove the negative influences upon our Life Force and our health.

Unfortunately, we now have to keep our Awareness open to the possibility that some of these negative influences come from the very medical professions, free market products and governmental health messages that we have been brought up to trust to look after us.

Most people are aware these days that lobbyists and corporate interests influence what information is shared with the public, and corporate interest is susceptible to putting its own financial interest ahead of transparency of research and the interests of the people.

In short, if a walk in nature is better for you than a pill, it takes a person (or company, government, economic system) of integrity to tell you that, rather than sell you the pill. The world is currently selling us the pill.

The human Life Force has never yet really been allowed to shine at its fullest in mainstream society. Only in the cases of a few isolated individuals can we start to see even a glimpse of what’s possible for us as human beings.

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