The 1-2-3 of Health

After realising that listening to the body was not enough, that we also needed to calm the mind enough to allow ourselves to actually honour the requests of the body, (and six years after being taught to listen to the body), I created the teaching concept ‘The 1-2-3 of Health’, and confirmed the theory with David Heard as accurately reflecting reality.

The 1-2-3 of Health is the basic breakdown of what determines good health and how to achieve it, congenital conditions and Infectious Disease aside, and is as follows:

  1. Listen to the body
  2. Appreciate the difference between the needs of the mind and the needs of the body
  3. Free the body from the tyranny of the mind so that we always honour the body, whatever that takes

Of course, now, we can use Presence and The Kissing Consciousness Tool to take care of item 3.

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