Sweden and Denmark Basic Introduction to Kissing Consciousness

An introduction to Kissing Consciousness by its Founder, James Blacker. This event is free to attend.

Format: Online Zoom Call

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Online Event with James Blacker

March 8, 2021 18:30 to 20:00 GMT
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Six plus years ago I presented my teachings of The Power of Love to audiences across Denmark and Sweden. In the time since, I have taken that further to create Kissing Consciousness, a conscious living movement, structure and global community, which provides people with the tools, skills and insights to turn the theory of self-honouring and true success into practice. In these four free online Zoom calls – a ‘Basic’ class and an ‘Advanced’ class – each repeated three days later – I’ll introduce Kissing Consciousness and how it works.

I’ve also published a handbook for Kissing Consciousness – by the same name – which is available at over 6,000 online stores worldwide in both physical paperback and digital Kindle formats.

Those who attended the Power of Love lectures in 2014 in Copenhagen, Helsingborg and Stockholm may not be aware the same lecture in Malmö was recorded. That lecture has now been made into a video course, and those who wish to watch that video before (or after) these Zoom call events to refresh their memories can do so by purchasing the Power of Love Video Course from the Kissing Consciousness Shop.

A reminder that these four online events are all free. You’re welcome to attend any or all of them as you wish. You will need to register a ticket – simply click on ‘Tickets’ on each of the event pages you wish to attend.

It may well be a good idea to attend the repeat calls as well, as you may find that Kissing Consciousness is an approach to life that you really want to master.

The Content of the Basic Introduction

In the basic introduction we’ll cover;

  1. A recap of The Power of Love (2014), identifying three types of love, and which type Kissing Consciousness uses to harness our personal power and wisdom
  2. The binary nature of our personal consciousness as either Love Consciousness (self-acceptance) or Fear Consciousness (self-constriction), Human File Permissions
  3. Characteristics of Love Consciousness and Fear Consciousness, such as confidence vs lack of confidence, flow vs stuckness
  4. Recognising when we’re in Love Consciousness and Fear Consciousness; signs in both mind and body
  5. The Kissing Consciousness Tool: How to let go of Fear Consciousness blocks to our true self
  6. ‘Reclaims’: Using The Kissing Consciousness Tool to reclaim all of the good, true and beautiful aspects of ourselves, across all contexts such as money and contribution, relationships, and body and health
  7. The Paradox of Love Consciousness
  8. The potential for local Kissing Consciousness groups and events in Denmark and Sweden

The Schedule of This Call

Starting at 7:30pm Sweden and Denmark time (6:30pm UK time) it will take about an hour to present the above aspects.

After the main presentation there will be about half an hour specifically for people to ask questions. You will be able to ask questions both during and after the main presentation.

The whole nature of the way this call, and all the four calls have been structured is to allow for maximum flexibility.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Below are some pictures from the 2014 tour.

















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