Circadian Rhythm and The 24 Hour Society

Our bodies evolved on a 24 hour a day planet, yet our social constructs impose a weekly rhythm, not a daily one, whereby we have different sleep-wake cycles at the weekend than we do during the week. This is the cause of the ‘Monday morning feeling’, because we have interrupted our Circadian Rhythm.

As part of honouring our Circadian Rhythms, we might also consider the unhealthy nature of our 24-hour society.

Unsurprisingly, depression and divorce rates among shift workers are higher than for the rest of the population.

Dr Stanley also pointed out to me that whilst drink drivers are four times more likely to have an accident, sleep-deprived drivers are forty times more likely to have an accident.

Anything that wouldn’t allow you to honour your body’s desire for sleep and rhythm, would you like to let that go?

And would you like to ask your body if it would like to let that go?

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