Women's Weekly Safe Space and Success Support Group

Online Event with James Blacker

May 18, 2021 19:30 to 21:00 BST
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Regular: £10.00, Low Income / Unemployed: £5.00, First-Timers: Free

Summary: The Kissing Consciousness Women’s Group call provides a safe space for women to get support for their lives and optionally address whatever may be most pressing for them. 

This call is hosted by Kissing Consciousness Founder, James Blacker, and is otherwise solely for women.

This weekly safe space call for women provides four or five key aspects, including;

    • An opportunity to share what’s currently most pressing for you in a completely safe (i.e. non-judgemental) environment
    • The option to just sit and listen if you don’t want to talk, and instead just let the positive energy pour over you
    • An optional focus on success, and by this we mean success born from a profound freedom – what’s true for you, not what others say ought to be your definition of success. Used as intended, this group is a touchstone of continuity for your ongoing goals and desires
    • The host’s deep wisdom and exceptionally astute skill for knowing when to use it. This includes use of The Kissing Consciousness Tool to invite the release of self-constrictions from both mind and body
  • And, of course, the value of communion, connection and potentially friendships with others

The energy of the call is one of lightness, unlimited opportunity and unconditional love. (Note: You’re allowed to feel like crap. The point is to come as you are, not think you have to be in a certain state. That would defeat the object! )

Participants Code of Conduct

There is always one main requirement of attending a Kissing Consciousness event, which is that if participants don’t wish to be actively supportive of other participants, and of the host, they are at least of a neutral attitude towards them, both in energy and in behaviour.

It is essential that this is observed, because of course the environment needs to be a safe space for everyone.

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