Kissing Consciousness Facilitator Training

Kissing Consciousness will shortly offer the opportunity for anyone, anywhere in the world to become an official Kissing Consciousness Facilitator. 

If you would like to be a Kissing Conscious Facilitator then whilst training is not currently available, and will likely have to wait until the Covid-19 pandemic has been resolved, there is plenty that a would-be Facilitator can be doing in the meantime in order to develop their abilities and capacities as a Facilitator-in-Waiting. Here are three recommendations:

  1. In the first instance, you can register your interest via our email address, or phone number 02045 165091 (+44 2045 165091 for those calling from outside the United Kingdom). Preliminary online calls will be made available.
  2. Reading the Kissing Consciousness Handbook several times in order to get very familiar with the structure, insights, tool and skillsets is obviously a must.
  3. Practice using the tool and other insights in your own life.

What Does a Kissing Consciousness Facilitator Do?

Kissing Consciousness Facilitation is an invitation to somebody to release their self-judgements and, in a broader sense, their self-constrictions, and return them to a state of freedom – what Kissing Consciousness calls ‘Love Consciousness’ – in both their consciousness/mind and in their body’s nervous system.

It also requires Kissing Consciousness Facilitators to help people understand the Kissing Consciousness structures, insights, tool and skillsets, so that they can be empowered to help themselves, and others in turn.

This can be provided by a ‘Facilitator’ to a recipient(s) in either:

  • a group event (in person, or online)
  • or as part of a one to one video call session

James facilitating in Denmark, 2014

Kissing Consciousness, Potten End, Herts, HP4 2SH. United Kingdom


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