The Keys to Happiness

The Keys to Happiness

David Heard and James Blacker

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I love this interview; the classic interview from 2004 on Happiness. When David Heard and I had our preparatory pre-record discussion prior to making the recording, outside at a cafe in Hampstead, there were people listening in from other tables and gathering round, such was the passion and authenticity with which David was discussing the topics involved.

This essential ‘Call to Self’ cuts through the nonsense and self-defeating approval seeking that modern life has been caught up in.

By being true to ourselves we can make choices that fulfill our heart’s desire and honour our potential; not the potential that someone else deems we ‘should’ pursue, but our own intrinsic, internal sense of what’s important to us.

Track List

Although this product is an MP3 Download, it was originally sold as a two disc CD product. The individual tracks that you will download as MP3s are as follows:-

‘Disc’ One

  1. Still on the quest for happiness
  2. Attainment and happiness thereafter
  3. Happiness is something inside
  4. It’s got nothing to do with goals
  5. Removed from envy and craven desire
  6. Enjoying the journey as well
  7. Living in the moment
  8. Reinterpreting an event
  9. Learning to value the moment
  10. Passion and drive making it work
  11. The seeds of much unhappiness
  12. Freedom from the need for approval
  13. Why we fight against our true natures
  14. You’ve got to feel free to be yourself
  15. Going beyond the dance of half truths
  16. Where the roots of happiness lie
  17. Living one’s truth is good for all
  18. Unhappy for five days plus two days
  19. If you never start, you never will
  20. Overcoming fears: The Model of Self

‘Disc’ Two

  1. The source of our own happiness
  2. Self-respect, self-belief and self-worth
  3. Living as true to yourself as you can
  4. The honesty we give to other people
  5. Shedding the tension of untrue roles
  6. Foundations based on truth and reality
  7. The strength to go forward
  8. The capacity to enjoy now
  9. What we’re all capable of
  10. Human potential related to happiness
  11. We know what is inside of us
  12. Judgementalism and internal dissatisfaction
  13. Avoiding truths and needing reassurance
  14. The fount of all dissatisfaction
  15. Having sufficient understanding
  16. Everyone inherently has the same value
  17. Questioning reasons for doing things
  18. Expressing emotions and introspection
  19. Only people we care about can touch us
  20. Being angry whilst still caring
  21. Bridging the gap of miscommunication
  22. Building bridges and reaching others

About David Heard

David Heard is a self-made businessman, a trainer of elite, international athletes, Founder of the former National Rehabilitation Centre for the Paralysed and Founder and Chief Executive of the British registered charity, Sportability, which provides adventurous activities for people who’s lives have been affected by paralysis.

David’s philosophy has always been to maximize whatever it is that people have, whether working with elite sportspeople on their performance, helping everyday individuals with their lives and happiness and success goals, or working with people affected by paralysis to regain function. His testimonials include those from Scottish International footballer, Pat Nevin, and former England Cricket Captain, Andrew Strauss.

“June is when the hard work put in during the Winter really starts counting. Fortunately our fitness trainers have done a fantastic job in the off season (I can vouch for that now!), and we are still playing consistently.” – Andy Strauss, as Captain Middlesex CCC

About James Blacker

James Blacker is a humanitarian and Integral Philosopher, and of course the Founder of Kissing Consciousness, and author of The Kissing Consciousness Handbook. He launched the Kissing Consciousness movement to help as many people as possible to work together, commune and co-support in releasing the blocks to their true self, and thus live their happiest and most fulfilled life possible.

In the realm of collective development and social and global issues, James is using his qualification in Spiral Dynamics to provide leadership and help co-create a world beyond system failure, so as to avoid – or mitigate – climate disaster, economic injustice and our other existential threats.

“Wow, what a wonderful book you’ve written. I’m truly impressed with the clarity and quality you’ve presented. You’re impacting the lives of an untold number of people. I applaud you!” – Peter Ragnar

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