Facilitation as a ‘Plugin’ for Specific Expertise Coaches

Because Kissing Consciousness Facilitation deals with general blocks to a person’s ‘Permissions’, it is a different thing to the specific knowledge and skills taught by teachers and coaches in their own particular fields of specialism, and can therefore be used to complement them.

Here’s the A-Z of just some of the specialised areas it can help with:

  • Acting Coach
  • Book Writing Coach
  • Business Coach
  • Cookery Coach
  • Dance Coach
  • Music Teacher
  • Sports Coach
  • Zookeeping Trainer

If you’re an acting coach, business mentor, sports coach or any other, you will have expertise related to your specific industry and subject. Kissing Consciousness Facilitation can be used to add another dimension entirely.

What’s the point in mentoring the founder of a new business startup about the mechanics of business, if they also have an Unconscious self-judgement that they’re not allowed to be successful, or happy in their work?!

Or if they’re uncomfortable speaking to people?! Those things need clearing first if people are to be effective.

If you’re an acting coach, and you notice your student is not ‘owning it’, you can invite them to let go of whatever is preventing that:

“Anything that isn’t allowing you to own this performance, would you like to let that go?”

And, of course, you can do clearings on yourself as a coach or teacher, wherever you may have blocks. You can even do these during the sessions of teaching others. They don’t even have to know if you don’t want them to – it can be a mere ‘Flick of the Consciousness’.

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