Choosing Christmas Beyond Obligation and Judgement

Online Event with James Blacker

November 4, 2020 19:30 to 21:00 GMT
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Regular £10.00 Low Income / Unemployed £5.00

Summary: An online Zoom video call event to invite the release of any judgements or beliefs necessary to allow you the Christmas of your choice.

There may be a million different ways in which the subconscious and semi-conscious beliefs we have about ourselves, about life and about Christmas influence the level of enjoyment – or otherwise – that we experience from the festive season.

Using the Kissing Consciousness Tool to release any such blocks from our consciousness and our body’s nervous system we can free up our conscious choice and free will of exactly how we do – or don’t – wish to experience Christmas.

We can also ‘call in’ more of the energies and feelings we’d like to have.

To get into the mood of the call you can start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What activities do you want to do at Christmas – and what do you not want to do?
  • How does Christmas make you feel, and how would you like it to make you feel?
  • Which people do you wish to spend it with and which, if you’re honest, would you rather not see?
  • What sights, sounds, smells, tastes and sensations do you want to experience at Christmas?

If you imagine the Christmas you’d like to have, is it the same as or different to the Christmas you experienced last year?

This is a fun event we can all share to commit to celebrating Christmas on our own terms.

Participant Code of Conduct

There is one main requirement of attending a Kissing Consciousness event, which is that if participants don’t wish to be actively supportive of other participants, and of the host, they are at least of a neutral attitude towards them, both in energy and in behaviour.

It is essential that this is observed, because of course the environment needs to be a safe space for everyone.

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