In this Google Hangout Telecall Class, Kissing Consciousness Founder, James Blacker, talks with Jen Harrison about the conditioned limitations we pick up around money and creativity during our early life, and how we can release them.

Most of us have been brought up with negative programming around money, creativity and fully expressing ourselves.

While it’s not possible to change the past, it is possible to release all of those self-constrictions, judgements, hang-ups (false limitations) that we each have around money, around creativity and our self-expression.

This free to watch, 70 minute class invites you to release those false limitations.

Creativity is so much more than art and design. It’s about what’s true for us in any given moment.

Money can be earned in two moments.

There is the moment when we do the action that earns the money. But there is also the moment when we release those unconscious blocks which might otherwise prevent us from seeing – and reclaiming – what’s possible.

This second ‘moment’ of earning money is actually the most important, because it determines everything else.

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