Let The Wave Meet The Shore: Holding Safe Space

Online Event with James Blacker

November 26, 2020 19:00 to 20:30 GMT
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Regular £10.00 Low Income / Unemployed £5.00

Summary: This call provides a safe space for you to get conscious support for your life and optionally address whatever may be most pressing for you.

In ‘Letting The Wave Meet The Shore’ sessions, participants are provided with a safe space to catch up with themselves, listen, feel, receive the benefit of the presence of the event, and – if they wish – share about a challenge or blockage they wish to address or release.

It is a participant-led event, in the sense that there isn’t a planned agenda of topics or teachings – it is purely a space for people to raise matters that are most important to them right now.

This allows for the optimum, most efficient and most effective benefit to you, with any relevant insights, wisdom, tools or clearings offered by the host, James Blacker, the Founder of Kissing Consciousness.

To understand more about what we mean by ‘clearings’ and ‘letting things go’ you can visit: https://www.kissingconsciousness.com/tool/

This ‘almost-weekly’ online call is run four times a month on the 1st Monday, 2nd Tuesday, 3rd Wednesday and 4th Thursday of every month. The calls last for approximately 90 minutes.

Participant Code of Conduct

There is one main requirement of attending a Kissing Consciousness event, which is that if participants don’t wish to be actively supportive of other participants, and of the host, they are at least of a neutral attitude towards them, both in energy and in behaviour.

It is essential that this is observed, because of course the environment needs to be a safe space for everyone.

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