The AQAL Integral Map of Reality

“AQAL helps us realize that the Kosmos is a lot bigger than we might have previously imagined. It can thus serve as an expansive framework for virtually any human endeavour, including Integral Life Practice.

“By understanding the AQAL Framework – a map whose territory is You – your self-awareness will naturally grow and deepen, so that you can make better decisions in your personal life, at work, and in your contributions to the world.” – Integral Life Practice

The AQAL Integral Model

The AQAL Model, or Map, was devised by American Integral Philosopher, Ken Wilber, to give a framework model of manifest reality.

AQAL itself stands for “All Quadrants, all Levels”, which is short for “All Quadrants, all Levels, all Lines, all States and all Types, which are the five dimensions or elements which Wilber – and ILP – uses to define reality.

By developing a deeper understanding of these various dimensions and aspects of reality, we may become more able to understand ourselves, and the people and the world around us.  Continue…


The 4 Quadrants provide the foundational basis of our experience of the world, from moment to moment, and are present in each and every moment of reality, and of life. They are derived by making two distinctions – between interior and exterior, and between individual and collective, and provide a basic ground-work grid as follows:  Continue…


Levels of consciousness and complexity, sometimes also known as Stages, or Waves, are the second basic element of the AQAL Model. They deal with stage developments of growth, complexity, capacity and depth.  Continue…


On the last page we discussed Levels or Stages of development. Well, it’s important to realise that these stages don’t just hang out there in the ether as detached platforms, they are achieved as part of the development of various, specific capacities, known as Lines, also known as Developmental Lines.

A level of development is always a level in a specific line.  Continue…


We have seen that the AQAL Model includes Quadrants, Levels and Lines. Now we look at the fourth aspect of AQAL – States.

You may have heard of peak “states” of consciousness, or perhaps also the state a sportsman, say, is in when he is “in the zone” of his natural best and right on key.

The three most basic states are the waking state, the dreaming state, and the deep sleep state. At the moment, you are in a waking state of consciousness, and therefore awake to be able to read this page.  Continue…

…and Types

The fifth and final element of the AQAL Model is Types.  Types complement the other aspects of Quadrants, Levels, Lines and States, and they are about Horizontal differences – differences which have nothing whatever to do with things being on different levels.

The most obvious Type is that of male / female.  Continue…

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