Whatever goal or challenge you’re facing, get skilled support to give you the best shot at success¬†

If there’s a specific issue or area of your life that you wish to transform, this coaching package is for you. Get my dedicated support and I’ll facilitate your best possible outcome.

Who is this for? Whether it’s a positive you want to achieve in life or a negative issue you want to remove from your life, this coaching package can help, whether your priority relates to mind, body, relationships, money or spiritual meaning and purpose.

Who is it not for? Anyone who feels able to achieve everything they want to achieve by themselves, as they are, with the wisdom and expertise they already have.

The Challenge You’re Facing

One of these five possibly applies to you (click to expand)

Mind: Either you’re not a peace within your own thoughts and

Body: Perhaps you would like to have more energy, or have low health and a lifestyle you’d like to change, and/or

Feeling good and looking good are very healthy human drivers, and . Good health is invisible, we take it for granted, but poor health and/or an unwanted weight issue is dominant. It weights heavy on the mind day to day. The deeper, underlying negative can be a crippling lack of self-esteem or even fear.

We all want to look good and feel great, and when there’s an absence of that

Relationships: Either you wish to find a relationship, but are having some challenge with that around dating, or you’re already in a relationship and it is struggling with some issue or feeling that has occurred.

Without a truly happy and blissful love relationship life can feel lonely, with heartache, and as if it’s missing something. Part of that is being sure that it is the right relationship for you.

Money: For all the judgement, it’s better – and wiser – to have money than not to. Whilst being rich is not everything it certainly takes the sting out of being poor, and being successful with money can enable a remarkable and fulfilling quality of life.

Money is often about more than just money. It’s a reflection of a deeper reality within us. Are we feeling that we’re fulfilling our full potential in life? Are we giving the world our light and talent, or is that desire for some form of creative, productive expression currently frustrated?

If 2, 3 or 4 of these apply to you, then unless one single issue is utterly dominant for you, then the Complete Life package is most suitable as we can address all of them. 



As an Integral Spiritual Teacher, I can help you find your own truth by providing a full picture of meaning and life to inform your own feelings and values.

Blarney Castle in Ireland. Kissing the Blarney Stone, a tradition that’s been around for several centuries, is said to give a person the gift of eloquence and persuasiveness.

I Can Relate to These Feelings and Challenges

Like many people, my upbringing left me unhappy, unsure of where to go and what to do, without confidence, in a body I was at odds with, shy, less than good at talking to the opposite sex (that’s putting it mildly) and a million miles from my right vocation that could provide any kind of financial freedom.

What’s more, looking for solutions in the self-help/personal development world brought up a mixed bag of philosophies and speakers which lacked the wisdom and flexibility to be helpful enough.

At age twenty-one, as a shy young man, I visited Blarney Castle in Ireland and kissed the famous Blarney Stone – an act said to give all who do the ‘gift of the gab’. I felt sure I would become confident at speaking – and simply being me as I saw me – but not because I believed in a pre-rational myth (likely designed for tourists), but I knew deep down I should be capable of such things, and I was determined to find the solutions and do all the work necessary to reclaim my true self.

Having had anxiety attacks since the age of eleven and having taken my exams in a room on my own aged sixteen as a result, I completed my first radio interview in 2013 at a radio station in Slough, UK with 80,000 people listening in. That was on the pretty deep topic of ‘What is Wisdom?’

You can see the transformation from panic attack-ridden adult to confident international speaker in the video below.


The Kissing Consciousness Approach

The Kissing Consciousness book - Front CoverI later devised Kissing Consciousness, and wrote the Handbook for the movement by the same name to give people all the insights of its wisdom as best as a book can.

It is from this perspective that I can see that the challenges that people face can mostly be resolved – and I can usually see the most effective way to do that.

At the same time, I’m responsible. I can’t promise you any love interest will choose you (or choose to keep you), and this isn’t a miracle cure for illnesses, but beyond things like that there is a very simple dynamic as to whether we allow ourselves to be us in each aspect (or whether we self-sabotage), and then after that it’s a case of a few basic skills and insights that bring about the best of what’s possible for you.

Your Priority


  • Get dedicated, high-quality focus on your priority
  • Share and explore in a safe space of total acceptance
  • Learn mental skills and insights that will stay with you for life




If something is affecting your quality of life, it’s sensible to talk about it.

Even before we get to the talents of a life coach, the very dynamic of somebody else helping you is likely because they’re looking at your situation objectively from the outside; you’re looking at it subjectively from the inside.



Focusing on what you want is counter-productive, because it just add to the pressure and tension around the desired goal. What you want to be doing is creating more freedom around it.




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