Complete Life

You only have one life. Will you choose genuine deep joy, the feeling of being liberated in your physically body, blissful harmonious relationships and the fulfillment of your creative potential for prosperity?

Your life has four key parts; four profound dimensions…

Get the skills, tools, vision and expert wisdom support to create the most possible for:

  1. Your mental clarity and inner world
  2. Your body and physical health
  3. Your relationships and
  4. Your prosperity

…More than that, I can introduce you to the way people live that’s beyond the conventional: There’s a better life culture out there that the conventional modern world isn’t really aware of!

Have you ever sensed that conventional life doesn’t match what your inner wisdom tells you is possible? 

If you feel – or have always felt – that your experience of life is not delivering the full, delightful, joyous life that you once thought was possible…

…or if you simply feel there’s more life that can be had if only… something… , then the Complete Life coaching package is for you.

It’s not for people who feel that they’ve received all that life can offer – or don’t mind if they haven’t.

There’s Actually Two Levels to This

1) On the surface. On the first level, of course we’d all like to be happy, have good relationships, physical health, peace of mind and enough money to pay the bills.

2) In the depths of your soul. There’s a second, deeper level, though, and it speaks to an inner yearning for more joy, spirituality, abundance and love than the conventional modern life offers.

I Know How it Feels to Sense That Life is Meant for More

I had to find my way (back) in all of these four areas of life.


People who see me giving speeches and doing radio interviews with relative comfort might think it was ever so.

They never saw the eleven year old who didn’t understand how or why his own body had separated from him and turned against him. Or the eighteen year old who did his A level exams in a room on his own at the top of a school tower because he couldn’t simply be in the regular room. The terrified twenty-five year old who thought he’d never have a normal, happy life. Or driving to my first radio interview wondering whether I’d have a panic attack live on air.

I was about five years old when I realised there was something wrong with my family environment and I’ve been observing personal consciousness ever since.


In 2002, I was taught to listen to my body by David Heard. You can hear the start of that process in this video. David is a trainer of elite athletes, with testimonials from the top, including England Cricket Captain, Andy Strauss. David founded the National Rehabilitation Centre for the Paralysed (NRCP), where I worked for him. His NRCP had got people walking again twenty-five years after top Spinal Injury Units had told them they’d never walk again. So he knows about the body and teaches only the best.


A few years after this recording he, and I also discussed the relationship between the mind and the body further, after I’d picked up on this quote by Don Miguel Ruiz.

“The needs of the mind are not the needs of the body. If the need for food or sex is in the mind you can never satisfy the need.”

By the way, there’s no requirement for you to join a gym. I don’t currently use a gym.


I used to be jealous of men who were “good with women”.

By the time I was five I’d been given the belief that I was ugly. At twenty-five something happened to change that, yet the irony was that all my years of thinking that how I looked was the problem were incorrect, and I was still floundering.

Relating and courting requires certain personal capacities and inner mastery, the ability to tune into other people whilst also knowing what’s true for you, and the healing of our wounds and dysfunctional role models where necessary. Anyone can have blissful, harmonious relationships if they commit to mastering these few basics.

After completing an 18 month intensive training in conscious relating, I began hosting such workshops of my own. In this video below from 2015 you can see Fiona Cutts and I demonstrate The Boundaries Exercise. Fiona and I were the first to recognise the potential of combining tantra-style exercises such as this with consciousness tools.


The group photo below is from an event called ‘Love, Sex and Consciousness Tools’ that I co-hosted with Fiona in Covent Garden, London on Valentine’s Day 2016.

Can you see from the eyes, energy and playfulness of the participants that they’ve accessed a deliciously deeper level of joy and intimacy in human connection in their lives than most people generally do?

This is what I'm talking about. In all four areas of life; one's inner world, physical health and body, relationships and creative prosperity, there are modes of experience unknown to the conventional.


And on that note, that's a new level of intimacy in relationships. What's a new level of physical health and strength throughout ageing?

Well here's my friend, Peter Ragnar, demonstrating Roman Chair Sit Ups, in a video that he's allowed me to save to my Vimeo account so you can see it free from the ads and distractions of YouTube.

Peter is in his mid-seventies here! He's doing sit ups clutching six 25 pound weights. He's not breaking sweat, he's smiling and his breathing hasn't even changed. Please re-think your view of what's possible for the human body.

The reality of ageing is fine. What people conventionally live by, however, is the self-fulfilling prophecy of artificial limiting beliefs.

And if you're thinking the wisdom I promote needs to mean doing things you don't want to, and 'No pain, no gain', it doesn't. As David Heard taught me, "Pain is the body's signal that something is wrong, so 'No pain, no gain' was alwasy going to be a dodgy premise.

Our task is to heal our relationship to our body and to movement.

Unleashed Creative Potential

There are two extreme ends of a spectrum: One is to take whatever job you can get and hope that your skills, personality and interests match it - or shoehorn yourself into the role if they don't.

The second is to find circumstances whereby you can fully employ and express your abilities and creativity from the inside out - and if you can't find those circumstances, you make them.

I'm not saying that either is right or wrong. What I'm saying is that you have a choice which approach you wish to adopt.


Your Inner World

  • Gain clarity around the mind and personal consciousness
  • Remember and reclaim the quality that children know as being unselfconscious

Your Physical Body

  • Expand your sense of what's possible for your physical body and your relationship with it
  • Learn the full capacity for liberating your bodily experience from the tryant that the mind often is
  • Improve your ability to listen to your body's feedback

Your Relationships

  • Get clear on the basic foundation of harmonious relationships and learn the skills to align with harmony
  • Expand your sense of what ecstacy and bliss is possible in human connection

Your Prosperity

  • Liberate your creative potential
  • Honour the importance of removing any conditioned blocks to you receiving appropriate reward
  • Understand that unhappiness comes from sitting on the gifts that you have

A Safe Space for You to Explore and Claim Your Truest Self and Your Most Incredible Life Possible

Cressy Landless

Oxfordshire, UK

The coaching I had with James with very insightful and thoughtfully conducted. His very calm approach makes it very easy for you to dig deep when you need to.

Jen Harrison

Manchester, UK

You can just feel the energy when you're working with James, on the coaching calls. The value for the sessions is just second to none.

Lizzy Williams

Melbourne, Australia

The space that James held for me was honouring. And I wonder what else is possible, what else can we create when we let ourselves choose for what's true for us?

Two Packages You Can Choose From

4 Sessions


  • 1 x 75 minute session on Mastering Your Inner World
  • 1 x 75 minute session on Liberating Your Ecstatic Body
  • 1 x 75 minute session on Achieving Blissful, Harmonious Relationships
  • 1 x 75 minute session on Fulfilling Your Creative Potential and Prosperity

Pay up front price

£520 £480

6 Sessions


  • 1 x 75 minute session on Mastering Your Inner World
  • 1 x 75 minute session on Liberating Your Ecstatic Body
  • 1 x 75 minute session on Achieving Blissful, Harmonious Relationships
  • 1 x 75 minute session on Fulfilling Your Creative Potential and Prosperity
  • 2 x 75 minute further sessions on any of these as you choose

(Save 29% on Sessions 5 & 6)

Pay up front price

£710 £650

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Your Two Futures

Imagine if you will, in ten years time, looking back on your life and asking yourself if you're claiming the fullness of the wonder and awe that this life can offer.

One thing is certain; the choices we make take us in different directions accordingly.

So I invite you to consider two futures: What will the rest of your life look like if you take up this opportunity? And what will it look like if you don't?

Only you can know what your sense is there, but either way it's a great way to tune in to what's true for you.