One to One Facilitation with James (Worldwide)

One to one Facilitation / Life Coaching sessions with James Blacker, the Founder of Kissing Consciousness, are currently available worldwide via video link.

Whatever it is you wish to change or address in your life, the chances are James Blacker can help.

James is one of the world’s most potent facilitators of people’s true self, often clarifying things for people where other therapies have failed to do so.

James’s current rate is £120 for a 75 minute session.

If you would like a free, informal chat to discuss your interest in having a one to one video call session with James please email:

James has always done one to one facilitation via video link, so this is not a response to Covid-19, but has always been the preferred method of delivering the service.


Cressy Landless

Oxfordshire, UK

The coaching I had with James with very insightful and thoughtfully conducted. He creates a really good safe space. His very calm approach makes it very easy for you to dig deep when you need to. I find his Kissing Consciousness system very easy to understand and work with.

Jen Harrison

Manchester, UK

You can just feel the energy when you're working with James, on the coaching calls. The value for the sessions is just second to none.

Lizzy Williams

Melbourne, Australia

The space that James held for me was honouring. And I wonder what else is possible, what else can we create when we let ourselves choose for what's true for us?

Karina Jurado Serrato

Texas, USA

James was really awesome. He helped me see places where I was not willing to go by myself, and he held the space. Thanks to him I feel like a sense of a world opened up that I never had before.

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