The AQAL Integral Model

According to the Mind Module element in ILP, your ability for personal transformation and awakening to your Authentic Self is enhanced and accelerated by developing and sharpening your ability to take perspectives and sharpening and deepening your understanding of reality, in all of it’s wondrous forms.

Where are we going? The AQAL model provides a framework map of all of manifest reality.

Where are we going? The AQAL Model provides a framework map of all of manifest reality.

The AQAL Model, or Map, was devised by American Integral Philosopher, Ken Wilber, to give a framework model of manifest reality.

AQAL itself stands for “All Quadrants, all Levels”, which is short for “All Quadrants, all Levels, all Lines, all States and all Types, which are the five dimensions or elements which Wilber – and ILP – uses to define reality.

By developing a deeper understanding of these various dimensions and aspects of reality, we may become more able to understand ourselves, and the people and the world around us.

In this section, we shall be looking at brief overviews of the five main elements; QuadrantsLevelsLinesStates and Types, and explaining a few of the relevant factors about them, so that you can better “get a feel for AQAL”.

As the Mind Module in ILP is about developing the ability to take deeper, more accurate and more complex and sophisticated perspectives, developing one’s understanding of AQAL is a key element of practice.

This can be done both through relevant reading, and through practical exercises aimed at enhancing understanding.*

And you can practice both an intellectual understanding of it, and seeing and noticing it in action in the world, and getting a feel for it.

“AQAL (pronounced aqual or ah-qwul) represents the core of Wilber’s work. AQAL stands for “all quadrants all levels”, but equally connotes ‘all lines’, ‘all states’ and ‘all types’. These are the five irreducible categories of Wilber’s model of manifest existence. In order for an account of the Kosmos to be complete, Wilber believes that it must include each of these five categories. For Wilber, only such an account can be accurately called “integral”.” – Wikipedia: Ken Wilber

* When designed and tailor-made for ILP, these exercises can often be very specific.  As a hotbed of creative, pioneering exercises at practice, The London Integral Life Practice Group is a good place to find out more about this, both online and in live group sessions, in addition to the articles, resources and features on this website.

An Opinion-Neutral Framework

It is worth noting also that the AQAL Model is an opinion-neutral framework – it doesn’t tell you what to think or believe and doesn’t give any opinions – it is a framework that provides the space for everything else to be seen in.

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