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Who is it for? If you’d like to make sure your life is running on the best wisdom, freedom and self-acceptance it can do, then this event is for you.

“Don’t die with the music still in you.” – Wayne Dyer

What are you capable of? What’s possible for your life? …What’s the reality? You have the potential for;

  1. Deep, unselfconscious joy (mind)
  2. Blissful and harmonious relationships (relationships)
  3. Fulfilled creative potential for prosperity (prosperity)
  4. and an ecstatic, liberated body (body)

Yet for almost all of us our modern life and culture has significantly eroded or derailed that gift of life.


Bring your body! (What?!?)

That might sound like a silly thing to say – of course you’re going to bring your body, you go everywhere with it.

What I mean by that, though, is that your body needs to be engaged for success. If you solely focus on success as something in the mind, intellectually, you’re going to end up with the intellectual sense that you ‘SHOULD’ be able to allow yourself success, but not the embodiment to actually receive it for real.

Q to Kylie: is that actually true, or am I just saying that because I (specifically) want to use the body and do things with the body?

LOL… I’m still justifying it. (using the body)

You are made up of a mind and a body: You can’t leave half of that whole behind.

[Note to Kylie: Need to avoid deterring shy people who may assume I’ll force them to do fitness, or if they’re embarrassed about their body.]

Everybody’s body wants to move. If you’re resistant to that it’s probably the first place to start to heal.

Actionable Insight

“If people manage to move one significant thing that’s in their way… That’s worth a shed load!” – Kylie Stedman

But one actionable insight that actually removes something that is felt as an obstacle. Just one. Is enough. (in the nervous system)

Healthy Human Animal


An Invitation to EMBODY BEING ALIVE (Even More)




  • Rise above ‘merely surviving’ to actively thriving


Here are some of the benefits of immersing yourself in the possibilities of your life in this way.


  • Gain clarity around the mind and personal consciousness
  • Remember and reclaim the quality that children know as being joyfully unselfconscious
  • Find a deep spiritual peace and fulfilling meaning in life

Body & Health

  • Expand your sense of what's possible for your physical body and your relationship with it
  • Learn your full capacity to liberate your bodily experience from the tyrant that the mind often is
  • Improve your ability to listen to your body's feedback


  • Get clear on the basic foundation of harmonious relationships and learn the skills to align with harmony
  • Expand your sense of what ecstasy and bliss is possible in human connection
  • Communicate what you want and what you don't want with greater ease


  • Liberate your creative potential
  • Honour the importance of removing any conditioned blocks to you receiving appropriate reward
  • Understand that unhappiness comes from sitting on the gifts that you have

Related feedback from coaching clients: I create a safe space for people to explore, heal and claim their truest self and fullest life

Cressy Landless

Oxfordshire, UK

The coaching I had with James with very insightful and thoughtfully conducted. His very calm approach makes it very easy for you to dig deep when you need to.

Jen Harrison

Manchester, UK

You can just feel the energy when you're working with James, on the coaching calls. The value for the sessions is just second to none.

Lizzy Williams

Melbourne, Australia

The space that James held for me was honouring. And I wonder what else is possible, what else can we create when we let ourselves choose for what's true for us?

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